I would like to engage my students in the contest, what do I do?

Who can participate in the contest?

  • High School students in Virginia, Texas, and California.

Should teacher consider any relevant Standards of Learning (SOL)?

  • SLOs provide teachers and students with an opportunity to connect the essay contest to the state‚Äôs curriculum. The judging will consider how students have creatively weaved their essay into any SLO requirements.

Can ancestors not listed be chosen?

  • No, the list of BCI pairs and triplets have been carefully curated and represent significant moments in history as well as significant progress towards the Beloved Community vision.

What are the essay requirements?

  • Maximum of 2,000 words in length (excluding references) and the text should be in Arial font 12 and surrounded by a 1-inch border. The text should be double spaced. No names or information that might identify the author of the essay should be included in the essay text. Only one essay can be submitted by each student. All essays should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format.

Will winners have to edit their submissions?

  • Yes, after being selected by a review panel, suggested edits will be provided for the final presentation of the essay at the online award ceremony. Suggested edit completion is required to receive the $100 scholarship.

Is event attendance required for eligible winners to receive the $100 Scholarship?

  • Yes, if a student is unable to attend all workshops and events, they will not be not eligible for the scholarship.

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