Mother’s Day 2021

On August 27, 2020, the JNC, in collaboration with intuitions including Virginia Tech, Virginia Union University, and the University of Lynchburg, is launching the 100-Day Jubilee Intensive. This Upper Room Intensive with Martin Luther King will advance the transformation of the Beloved Community into its destiny as a Beloved (Non-Violent) Economy.

As we grapple with the challenge of turning the long-range predicament into the emerging prospect of Beloved Community as Beloved Economy, the DREAM and PROMISE of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Sr., demands all of our best efforts at short term resolutions and long term sustainable solutions. The present demands it.

From August 27 to December 5, 2020, the following conversations and presentations will be released on this website to share our collective knowledge and wisdom on how we can advance solutions that will enable everyone to be economically free by 2023.

Why A “Hundred-Day Jubilee’ August 28”. Upper Room Workshop Intensive With Martin Luther King Jr., + Sr., and Other Beloved Community Ancestors – Dr. Virgil A. Wood

August 28 Hundred Day Jubilee Justice Overview – Dr. Virgil Wood, Dr. Owen Cardwell, Dr. Ryan Hulbert, Dr. Ralph Hall

Prayer Movement for Healing Moments – Dr. Virgil Wood, Mr. Ramsey Cooper, Ms. Lindora Baker

Beloved Community Ancestors’ Mandate – Dr. Virgil A. Wood

Beloved Community Pedagogy Overview: Learning and Earning Within and Among Nations – Dr. Owen C. Cardwell, Jr., and Dr. Virgil Wood

Beloved Nations Waking Up – Joseph’s Biblical Jubilee  Dream – Dr. Virgil Wood and Dr. Ryan Hulbert

Beloved Community, Beloved Economy, King Says Why, Kelso Says How – Dr. Virgil Wood and Dr. Ralph Hall

Resurrection City Transformation: Urban and Rural, Needs and Resources – Dr. Virgil Wood, Dr. James E. Dixon, II, and, Pastor Lee Elder

Beloved Community, Origin and Destiny – Dr. Virgil Wood, Dr. Harvey Cox, and Dr. Willie D. Francois, II

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